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The Child's Dress and Doll Dress (below) were made using Simplicity Pattern number 9640 and Daisy Kingdom fabric.

Using E-Z Ruler, I made 4" Prairie Points for the Child's dress and 2" Prairie Points for the Child's Jacket, Doll's Dress and Doll's Jacket.  The E-Z Ruler method for making Prairie Points allows one to make Prairie Points in a continuous connected strip which is then attached to the bottom of the skirt.

The doll pictured is "Ashley" available from Clotilde.

child's dress doll dress

Apron with Sharks' Teeth

I used Simplicity Pattern number 9643 to make the dress and apron.  The apron can be worn alone, with a dress or with a blouse.  Sharks' Teeth are made with 3/4" pleats.  I made the pleats using two 3/4" wide Pleating & Pressing Bars. Instructions are included with the 1/2" and 3/4" wide bars for making pleats without a Pleater Board.  The pleats can also be made using one 1" wide Pleating & Pressing Bar and the Skirt Perfect Pleater available from Clotilde.  Instructions are included with the 16" and 32" bars for making 3/4" pleats with the Pleater Board.  I used E-Z Ruler to mark cutting lines for the Sharks' Teeth.

Pink Pleated Dress

The dress front as designed by the pattern company is plain, cut much like a tent dress.  I pleated the fabric for the front before cutting it out.  I made a full size (left and right side) pattern of the dress front making it easier to center the pleats before cutting it out.  It has four 3/4" pleats secured with stitching from the shoulder to mid armhole depth.  It has piping around the collars and sleeve cuffs.  Both pieces were economical to make because I made all the trim for them.

The pattern has 6 different versions of the dress and apron.  Both dress and apron would be a good pallet for machine embroidery.

apron with sharks' teeth pleated dress
quilt This wall hanging is made using 4 nine-inch Ohio Star Blocks. the edge of the wall quilt is finished with Prairie Points using 2 colors.
christening gown

Christening Gown

This dress is a copy of a dress designed by my sister Lucile many years ago. It was made entirely by hand, taking at least 60 hours to make. It had 28 tiny over lapping pleats in front and 28 in back. Each pleat was individually blind stitched down by hand. Three rows of pin tucks around the bottom and 2 rows of pin tucks on the sleeves, all sewn by hand! It had French lace trim around the sleeves and neck, down the front and around the hem. Six hand worked button holes with little pearl buttons. Tiny embroidered flowers and leaves spill down the front and across the front and back yoke area. Smocking was used to gather the sleeves. When she asked me if I wanted her to make one for me before the birth of my son I asked her to teach me to make one instead. I cherish the one she taught me to make and all the sewing knowledge I gained making it. Just think, on this one dress I learned to make tiny over lapping pleats and blind stitch them down, smock, make hand-worked buttonholes, tiny pin tucks and sew on lace while making a rolled hem!

dress with prairie points

Kenneth King’s CD/PDF e-book ‘Cool Tricks’ contains the most interesting Prairie Points I have ever seen, as well as how to make corded piping and many other useful sewing techniques. ‘Cool Tricks” and other CD/PDF e-books by Kenneth King are available on his web site www.kennethdking.com.